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Running track – Sports flooring


Running track

A running track is useful when you’re looking for a place to race, run, jog, take a brisk walk, or even simply stroll. The climate and outdoor conditions don’t necessarily cooperate with your choice of activity. However, an indoor all-weather running track guarantees that the wind, rain or snow won’t stop you. You always get the advantage of having a comfortable atmosphere. If you have a large athletic centre such as a sports complex, it is a desirable application to integrate.

Our track flooring options are carefully selected to offer a consistent smooth surface texture with optimal surface friction and traction for safety. We are aware that track and field athletics also requires exceptional shock absorption to protect your joints from impact force and prevent stress on your lower extremities. Our surfaces provide all of these aspects, including the balance and support needed to enjoy this activity!

Omnisports 7.1Omnisports 6.5 synthetic running track flooring

Resilient – Synthetic vinyl floor covering that provides a supple surface and resists heavy foot traffic.

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Omnisports 9.4Omnisports 8.3 synthetic running track flooring

Cushioned – Vinyl flooring made to protect runner’s joints and withstand heavy traffic on a daily basis.

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PolyTurf PlusPad & Pour polyurethane running track surfacing

Force reduction – Poured polyurethane surfaces are ideal for high volumes of traffic and heavy loads.

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Sheet vinyl running track with three lanes

Indoor running track at the Terrebonne Sports Complex

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