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Synthetic turf – Artificial sports turf


Synthetic turf

Synthetic turf — also called athletic turf — can be used in many environments such as Olympic-sized stadiums, sports complexes, fitness centres, and more! Used for large surfaces for competitive sports such as soccer and for fitness turf tracks in zones where weighted sleds are pushed or pulled.

Engineered for performance and provides sufficient traction, adherence, shock absorption and stability. The unique design of modular turf panels makes it easy to install and detach efficiently when required. The major benefit of our synthetic turf is that it is designed as to not require any crumb rubber infill, providing a healthy environment while still providing top safety. Since no rubber crumbs can be spread around, this portable turf contributes to an increased ease of maintenance for your facility.

TurfLink (Fitness TL60)TurfLink artificial indoor turf for fitness applications

Allowing the usage of sleds while also providing an adequate grip, the Fitness TL60 is the ideal surface for fitness facilities and indoor multi-sport facilities.

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TurfLink (Soccer TL80)TurfLink artificial indoor turf for sports applications

This original modular product is the best product for a soccer oriented sports facility.

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