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Multi-purpose – Versatile flooring



There are many multi-purpose flooring surfaces available and selecting the right flooring product according to your application is important. Our business offers a wide variety of surfacing products to suit every type of project and provides exceptional flooring solutions to many requirements. We provide specialized high-end flooring designed to correspond to different needs for your application. With our goal of always offering high quality products, we only supply and install floors that pass the highest test standards of the industry.

Our experts are here to help determine which product is the most appropriate for your multi-purpose needs. Feel free to contact us for more information.

Omnisports 3.5Resistant Omnisports 3.5 synthetic multi-purpose flooring

All-purpose – Vinyl flexible flooring capable of supporting multiple sports and non-sporting activities.

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Omnisports 7.1Resistant Omnisports 6.5 synthetic multi-purpose flooring

Versatile – Vinyl floors capable of complying with many requirements including all types of sports.

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Omnisports 9.4Resistant Omnisports 3.5 synthetic multi-purpose flooring

Multi-use – High-performance vinyl covering designed as the optimal solution for various applications.

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EcoPureResistant EcoPure multi-purpose flooring

Functional – Linoleum floors are extremely resistant to abrasion for varying needs and applications.

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