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Kindergarten – Resistant flooring



Kindergartens are a new step in the natural progression of a child’s life by entering the early stages of education in a school establishment. It is a new atmosphere at the big school! Chairs and tables are found in classrooms, new pencils are purchased for learning how to write, and lockers are filled with lunch boxes ready to go come lunch time. Even the caregiver title is no longer used, the kids are now introduced to teachers which are required to help expand their vocabulary and develop basic skills.

In school situations such as with kindergartens, we must consider versatile flooring options that will handle many activities, frequent use, and offer hygienic properties and easy care solutions. The construction of our flooring options allow for the use of tables and chairs, while offering the ideal cushioning for safety and comfort. The surfaces are even designed to protect against scratches to increase the longevity of the flooring. Whether you need new flooring for your classroom or gymnasium, the multi-purpose flooring that we offer can handle these applications.

EcoPureKindergarten easy-care EcoPure flooring

EcoPure is a natural product that incorporates linseed oil, cork, wood flour, rosin, limestone, jute and a revolutionary shock absorbing foam backing.

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Omnisports 3.5Kindergarten easy-care Omnisports 3.5 flooring

Omnisports 3.5 flooring is a versatile recreational surface designed for low degrees of physical activity in non-sports rooms or areas.

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Omnisports 7.1Kindergarten easy-care Omnisports 6.5 flooring

Omnisports is a multi-purpose sport vinyl surface that can accommodate a multitude of sporting and non-sporting events.

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