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Church – Resistant floors



Churches often have an associated building that can either be adjoining, nearby or integrated into the structure. They establish what is often referred to as a Family Life Center, created to support the church and occasionally neighboring schools. These centers are affiliated with the church in order to build personal relationships with the population by offering a space for anything and everything that might be of need in the community. Some examples include activities such as after school learning assistance, mentoring programs, community events, and even bingo nights. Most of all, sports activities are also integrated in these locations and that is why it is critical to evaluate the flooring attentively.

Essentially, the flooring must be multi-purpose to have the capacity to withstand all of the activities and events that will take place in the building. The floor covering material must be resistant, durable, easy to maintain. It must also offer shock absorbing properties for any athletic activity or sport that will be played in the room. We have the experience and knowledge to recommend the ideal multi-purpose surface for your facility.

Omnisports 3.5Omnsiports 3.5 flooring in a church environment

Universal – Vinyl flooring system that applies to different events that are celebrated in churches.

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Omnisports 7.1Omnisports 6.5 synthetic resistant and resilient flooring for churches

Versatile – Vinyl floor covering material that is very conducive when churches host sports and games.

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Omnisports 9.4Omnisports 8.3 resistant and resilient flooring for churches

High performance – Flexible vinyl floor with high cushioning capacity for sports in church facilities.

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EcoPureEcoPure resistant linoleum flooring in a church

NaturalResistant linoleum floor system to handle the many activities that take place in churches.

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