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Poured polyurethane gymnasium sports floor in a recreation centre

Composition of a polyurethane sports floor

It’s winter. It’s cold. We’re all very conscious at this time of year that it’s important to bundle up with multiple layers to protect ourselves from the elements. Poured polyurethane sports floors take the same approach, benefiting from the properties of their different layers.

One of the major benefits of a pad and pour flooring is that it is completely seamless. It is perfectly uniform in nature due to the fact that the floor covering has been poured into place. Even though the rubber pad underlay includes joints as it is laid out as rolls to form its base, the poured surface seamlessly seals it, creating the appealing homogenous look.

The construction of this type of poured flooring system makes it extremely durable and capable of resisting heavy loads. Unlike flooring options that simply integrate a foam layer, this rubber component provides high resistance to heavy equipment such as scissor lifts, bleachers, tables, etc. This flooring system has both a high tensile strength and tear strength. This makes it ideal for facilities that may want to host events and other multi-purpose activities.

Shock absorption
The 100% recycled rubber base mat not only makes this floor covering resistant, but also resilient. In this way, the rubber acts as a shock pad thanks to its specific zone shock absorbing properties (point-elastic). This will ensure that the surface is less demanding on the user’s joints, providing a significant benefit. Furthermore, the rubber mat component is also offered in different thicknesses to better adjust to your requirements.

Wear factors
Why the difference in colour between the wear layer and the top coat? Shouldn’t they match in order to hide any emerging sign of wear? This is the mistake that we must avoid! The colour difference creates an opportunity to identify the first signs of wear, which sends the signal that the surface is in need of resurfacing. Since the wear changes the friction properties of your playing surface, proper maintenance becomes essential for both optimal playability and safety for users, even if this means reconditioning the surface. In addition, the colour differentiation between the two layers helps the installer to ensure uniform coverage of the top coat.

Two other advantages come from the fact that a poured polyurethane floor is seamless and non-porous. It is more hygienic and very easy to clean. Just as you replace your winter coat when it gets worn, and no longer resists the elements, this type of flooring allows us to replace only the top coat, without affecting the rubber base mat and the wear layer.

Poured polyurethane school gymnasium

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