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push-ups on a rubber gym flooring

It’s that time of year again. That moment in time when the grass and asphalt goes, but makes room for resilient flooring! We’re losing our easy access to the great outdoors and the cold forces us to turn towards indoor fitness centres to keep in shape during the winter months. These centres should be expecting new customers that wish to be in better shape and make health a New Year resolution. This presents a great occasion to make your fitness space the best it can be by renovating or improving your athletic flooring. Take advantage of this opportunity to impress the potential members that will soon be knocking at your door.

Here are a few tips as to not move your members too much out of their comfort zone. It’s crucial to joints that the gym flooring provides the same resilience, same comfort, and same durability as a well-tended lawn. It is also important that your indoor facility should answer all fitness training needs. It then becomes essential that your members have access to high quality sports flooring in all exercise areas. Actually, it has been demonstrated that fitness gyms are better appreciated by the clientele when we offer them appropriate flooring surfaces that enhance their workout experience.

Rubber, itself a natural product, gives you all of this:

  • Resilience makes it highly effective at absorbing shocks and cushioning impact force
  • Robust and durable to withstand wear and tear
  • Capacity to support weights and heavy loads
  • Comfort and reduction of impact vibration from free weights
  • Grip and stability for an anti-slip surface
  • Acoustic properties and sound insulation
  • Easy maintenance due to its non-porous nature
  • Protects the existing floor surface against damage
  • Water and moisture resistance
  • Wide range of thicknesses and colours to choose from
  • Possibility to cover large areas at a reasonable cost

Although rubber is the leading product for most fitness applications, other flooring material options are also available and can be ideal for certain specific zones of your fitness centre. Depending on the intended use for every area, the wide variety of flooring systems that we offer will help you achieve your goals.

Weighted sleds
If your gym includes training demanding the use of a weighted sled, we carry artificial turf that is especially made to serve this purpose. The Velcro® fastening system of this athletic turf provides greater installation flexibility as it adapts to your particular needs. To keep your area tidy, this synthetic turf is designed with an excellent cushioning system, avoiding the need to add crumb rubber infill.

Group classes
If you offer group classes such as aerobics, pilates, yoga, dance, spinning or any other similar workout, your studio would definitely stand out with surface made of a hardwood, engineered wood or even a synthetic flexible covering material.

In short, our company has extensive experience of the sports flooring market, our profound knowledge allows us to provide answers, satisfying the needs and challenges of fitness centres. We are aware that each gym may have specific requirements so as to be unique. This is why our specialists have the necessary experience to understand and answer the specific needs of each project.

This winter, let us contribute to ensure your members enjoy their indoor fitness environment to help create a terrific training experience. Make sure to offer them the most suitable flooring surfaces for their needs as these will contribute to improve their health and provide safety during workouts.

Interlocking rubber flooring in free weight gym area
Recycled rubber tiles in gym
Rubber surface with red accents in gym
Group class area for aerobics
Resilient wood flooring for group classes

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