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Non-linear embossing versus linear embossing

On a man’s face, it’s called “five o’clock shadow”. It’s that rough dark stubble of facial hair that may appear on his face in late afternoon, signalling the need for another shave. On some sports flooring, it’s an ongoing problem that even a razor can’t fix!

In the sports flooring industry, we adopted the “five o’clock shadow” expression to describe the ugly unsanitary consequence of flooring that has a surface that contains textured grooves, more commonly referring to this texture as linear embossing. Although attractive at first, as time goes on your efforts to keep the flooring clean will be challenged by dirt being trapped in the grooves. The result, even for diligent cleaning crews, is that the resemblance to a “five o’clock shadow” will eventually appear. As bad as its dingy unkempt appearance is to the eye, what is even worse is the buildup of unhealthy germs. Once a flooring has reached this state, extensive efforts to reverse the condition could even potentially damage the affected layer, creating even more opportunities for dirt and germs to become embedded in the surface. In this situation, it becomes an ongoing battle to maintain clean and sanitary conditions and a certainty that the flooring will end up losing all its visual aesthetic appeal.

To ensure an attractive sanitary sports flooring that remains that way even after years of vigorous use, it is essential to select flooring that has a smooth surface designed to allow easy maintenance. With regular cleaning, this type of surface will retain both its attractive appearance and its hygienic aspects, providing exceptional reliability for many years of top quality performance!

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Man shaving his five o'clock shadow
Floor with dirt trapped in the textured grooves
Smooth sports surfacing versus textured flooring surface

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